Construct an A-frame tree house in your backyard

Numerous producers, builders and home owners are today inspired by their love of nature. Since many people choose to live in tree houses, why would you not listen to your children’s requests and build them a tree house?
Having a fort in a tree right in your backyard, your children will grow up surrounded by nature. They will develop their personality and grow healthy while they will also enhance their sense of freedom. But a tree house will offer you the advantage of having a playground in your yard, where you can carefully monitor your children and you will no longer have to take your children to a park. Spending a lovely, warm night with your children in a tree house, rather than in a tent will be much more fun than camping in a noisy area, with numerous other kids.

tree house plan 1

An A-frame tree house uses a tree trunk and two posts as support. But it can also be constructed with four posts for supports and without any tree. So if you do not have a proper tree in your yard, this is not a reason to reject the idea of building a tree fort for your children.
You should first clear the area from any rocks and brush then measure carefully the locations where the posts will be placed in the ground. Construct the frame and arrange it over the posts. Always bear in mind the safety of your children, so be certain that everything is leveled, well-established and carefully fastened.

tree house plan 2

You can use soil or even concrete to fix the supports in the ground and to ensure the stability and durability of the tree house. Remember that the tree house has to support up to a few hundred pounds, so the entire structure has to be solid, steady and firmly fixed.
The floor joists can be covered with exterior plywood, while the front deck can be made of deck boards. The roof panels are also made of exterior plywood and you can use weather proof materials and shingles to ensure that the rain or snow will not cause any damage to the tree house.

tree house plan 3

Choose the method of access considering the age and personality of your children. You can build a staircase or a ladder, but you can also opt for a climbing rope, especially if your children are more adventurous and big enough to use it safely.
You can put inside their tree house anything they would like, but all the items should be as lightweight as possible. Because it represents an amazing alternative to their addicting video games, tablets or consoles, do not bring any of these inside their tree house.
Even you can play with your children inside their tree house. Let your children help you when building their tree house and they will certainly appreciate it! Bring some chairs, a light source and some of their favorite toys and the fun, recreation and entertainment are guaranteed for all of you.


Build the favorite playground of your children – Tips for building a tree house

Because building a tree house is just like any other project, it certainly requires thorough planning even before starting the actual construction. Numerous features should be taken into consideration, from the size and health of tree to the weight it has to support and even the weather conditions in your area.

You have to make sure that the materials used for the tree house are of the highest quality. Choose wood without jagged edges or knots to save some precious time. Require some help from your neighbors or even professionals, because it will be much easier for you to build the tree house. Ask your children to offer you their support, give them small tasks to make them feel useful and let them feel like they are significant part of the project.

tree house plan 1tree house plan 2

Hang a bucket or a crate with a rope to haul the supplies and tools up in the tree. This way you will ease your work and save some time, as well. Select cordless tools because you will be able to saw, drill and drive screws without having any cords to hinder your work.

Have in mind the safety of your children and remember they are more active than the adults. The structure of the tree house has to be very solid, so use pillars or even two trees to provide proper support. You should first make the frame, which has to be attached to the trees and then make the floor.

If the weather allows you, you may leave the tree house without a roof. But if you want the structure to be protected against rain and snow, you should cover the house with shingles or whatever else you may want. Use waterproof treatments for wood and ensure that the tree house will last longer. But do not overload the tree and use only lightweight materials!

tree house

You can add one or more windows to the tree house and you can surround the house by railings to increase the safety of your children. Whether you choose to enter the house through a trap door or a normal door, and regardless of what kind of staircase or ladder you place nearby the tree house, take into consideration the age, abilities and hobbies of your children. You can also opt for a knotted rope to provide them access to the tree house. This will certainly increase their taste for adventures.

The entire idea of building a tree house is to create a safe, enchanting and fun playground, therefore make from this process a game and playtime! Use the hobbies of your children when designing the house, consider their creativity and let them arrange the tree house accordingly to their desires!

By incorporating some of their ideas will help them have a sense of ownership, while seeing their things inside the tree house will make them even happier! Bring some chairs, toys and blankets inside the tree house and be certain that this will be their favorite playground for the years to come!


Build the perfect fortress above the ground

Personalized tree houses represent perfect play structures for your children right in your yard. Because they play a significant role in anyone’s childhood, tree houses are classic play structures that should not be missing from any yard.
Building a tree house for your children could be creative, funny and educative, especially if you involve them in the process of building. Besides than adding an extra space to your property, you will also offer to your children an amazing place to play in. Having such a great playground in your backyard, your children will develop their sense of freedom and creativity while you will be able to monitor them carefully as well.

tree house plan

Despite the fact that you and your children will probably be caught up in the thrill of planning and designing the tree house, you should not forget the most crucial part of constructing the tree house: selecting the right tree. The tree has to be picked due to numerous factors, including its health, strength, age, solidity and size.
The best types of trees for constructing a tree house are beech, oak, maple, hemlock and fir. Because sycamore and elm are quite susceptible to disease, these types of trees should be avoided. Take into consideration that the tree will have to hold a significant weight, so it should be hearty and solid.

tree house for children

This tree house is constructed 3 feet above the ground, it is attached to main frame with galvanized hangers and the pillars are fixed in ground with concrete to ensure the solidity of the house and the safety of your children.
Make sure that once the tree is picked and the plan is done, you have all the materials and tools necessary for building the tree house. You may ask the help of some relatives, neighbors or even some professional craftsmen, but you should also engage your children when building the house. This way you will succeed to construct a safe and secure tree house that will last for years, the perfect place where your children will grow up beautifully.
You should first make the support for the frame, which should be then secured and fixed to the tree. Then build the floor and walls. You may let the house without a roof, but it will be susceptible to damage. Built a weatherproof roof to allow your children play in the house even on showery weather and protect this way the things inside the tree house.

tree house plan

Feel free to bring some games, toys, chairs and even beds so your children will not get bored inside their tree house. Even more, they can take a nap or even study in their amazing tree house. Depending on their aspirations and your imagination, you can build them a castle, fortress or even a mansion above the ground!
Regardless of what kind of tree house you are building, always think safety when designing. It will sure be exciting and fun for your children to have their dreams come true!


Use your creativity when building a tree house

The ideal tree house should be a balance between fun and safety. Because any child would like to have one, a tree house represents the best playground for them, a fortress to hide in and one of the safest alternatives to tents.

tree house planIf you have decided to build a tree house for your children, you already know that you will be the parents of the year. But if you consider the opinions and ideas of your children and you engage them in the process of building the tree house, you will strengthen even more the relation with them and you can be sure that they will always remember of these moments.

A tree house has to be safe, solid, enchanting and enjoyable. The favorite toys of your children should be placed in there, but you can also bring some chairs, a table, one or more beds and a light source as well. Bear in mind your children’s hobbies and try as much as possible to put into reality their desires! If you have daughters, bring their dolls inside the tree house and make a tiny house for them, too. But if you have sons, build some roads and routes for their cars.

You can use your creativity and combine it with the brilliant ideas of your children. But a tree house could be much more than a playground. It can also be a place to study or a place for all of you, to spend some precious moments together.

tree houseThis particular tree house is attached to a solid tree trunk, which is strong enough to support the entire structure of it. The materials used should be efficient, sustainable and lightweight and the entire structure of the tree house should not restrict the growth of the tree.

Because this tree house is not based entirely on one tree trunk, due to the fact it has pillars as support, it has a strong and safe structure. But some regular checks should be performed once in a while to ensure the safety of your children.

The actual construction begins only after having a solid plan and acquiring all the materials necessary for the tree house. The next step is building the support for the bottom of the frame. Always do measurements twice, because it has to be flawless. The floor has to hold at least a few hundred pounds, so make sure it is solid enough. Once the floor is set, the walls should be built, arranged into place and secured to the framework and floor.

tree house plan 3After that, build the roof. You should make it waterproof, because your children may want to play inside their tree house even on rainy days. Whether you build a stairway or a ladder, consider the age of your children, their safety and your budget as well.

The possibilities are endless. You can add more windows or make one of the walls of plexiglass. Build some bird nests nearby the tree house and you will certainly keep your children away from video games!


Make a cool tree house suspended from cables

If you want your tree house to have a perfect design that will meet the expectations of your children, you can customize it accordingly to your ideas, but you also have to consult some specialists to make sure it has a solid structure that will last for years. Don’t you want your children grow up in such a tree house? Encourage your children to help you building the tree house, because they will certainly develop their imagination and creativity, becoming independent while they will bond their relationship with you.

tree house

Building a tree house is not just their dream come true, but you can also use it as a leisure place. Especially if your children allow you to use it, it will be your perfect hide-out, the shelter where you can play together in the rainy days and even the space where you can spend some summer nights, as a safer alternative to a sleepover in a tent.
This type of tree house has 2 spiral staircases, 21 windows, a drawbridge and a woodstove. It has been constructed 21 feet off the ground and it does not have fasteners in the trunk of the tree. Having 300 square feet, this tree house is large enough for you and your children as well. You can bring in here some chars and a desk, but you can also put some beds, your children’s toys and any other items you may find necessary for a gloomy day or for the summer nights that you will certainly spend in this amazing fort.

tree house plan 1tree house plan 2

Because it does not have any metal fasteners in the tree trunk, this tree house is suspended from cables and it does not cause any damage to the tree. A steel collar has been suspended from cables that went through a fork of two branches in the tree. The timber frame has been bolted to this steel collar, then supported against the trunk with upside-down wedges. This method ensures the security and strength of the tree house, representing one of the safest and simples solutions to make the structure of a tree house.
The frame has the form of a hexagon and the platform of the tree house is a web of timbers all placed together using tenon joinery and mortise. The spiral staircase which connects the two floors is made of a peeled pine tree and the stairs are milled with a chainsaw. Just like the tree house, the stairs are not constructed with metal fasteners.

tree house plan 3

Building this tree house is not quite easy and you may need some professional support to construct it properly. Although it may take a while until it will be done, the results will certainly be satisfactory. Your children will feel blessed to have such parents and all of you will be joyful for having this tree house.
Add some light source, design and arrange the tree house accordingly to your taste and you will be the proud owner of a cool tree house that will definitely enchant your children!

Make an amazing tree house for your adventurous children

Did your neighbors construct a tree house in their yard? Or are you attracted by the idea of building a tree house for your children? In case if tree houses are one of your dreams, you can certainly build one which will be accordingly to your imagination, but which will also become the favorite place of your children as well.

Building tree houses is an increasingly popular trend because it does not require too much efforts or money. They represent a safe place for your children, where they will also develop their taste for adventure. Being above the world, even if your children will be only a few meters above the ground, it will give them an amazing sense of independence and freedom.

tree house

If you want your tree house to have a safe and solid structure that will not be affected by wind or the movement of branches, you can build this kind of tree house. The best thing about it is that you can build it anywhere you would like. Even more, it does not require harming any tree. So in case that you do not have suitable trees in your yard or you just have in mind the tree health, this tree house with no attachments to trees is the ideal option.

The structure of this tree house is versatile and very stable, having a triangular framework as a support. Involve your children in the process of building it, because they will be thrilled for being a part of this project. You can take into account their opinion and ideas, they are more imaginative and the house will be tailored to their request.

tree house plan 1tree house plan
tree house plan 2

The footprint of this tree house is stable and large, preventing racking. Use two carriage bolts with predrilled holes to make the front assembly. As you build, constantly check if the assembly remains square. Prevent any barked shins or scrapes by rounding off the pointy or sharp ends. After cutting off the bolt ends, you may file them smooth and chamfer them and you can use foam pipe wrap or camping pads to avoid any bruises and bumps. The safety of your children is your number one priority.

tree house plan 3

Ask some neighbors or relatives to help you assembly up the frame, to arrange it at the correct height above the ground and to level it as well. Maybe you will have to trim or dig into the ground some legs, depending on the surface of the ground and if it has any irregularities. You have some heavy pieces propped up with several temporary braces, so work cautiously when fixing the structure and frame.

Always do double checks when measuring, because you want it to be perfectly stable and level. Consider adding a door and some windows to the tree house, to allow air circulation. Bring inside the favorite toys of your children, put some chairs and add some source of light to let them play inside their tree house even when it will be darker outside.

Carefully build the tree house, make a perfect plan before getting to work and make sure you have all the necessary equipment and materials. Fascinate your children with this tree house and have fun building it!


Build a chic and modern tree house for you and your children

Having one or two maples in your yard could prove to be a blessing. Especially if you have children and they want you to build them a tree house. A tree house is not just the perfect playground for them, but it also represents the best place to hide from a gloomy whether, a fairytale land where to play and read the favorite books, but also a great place to sleep during the hot summer nights.
There are numerous things to consider when deciding to build a tree house. If you want to make a modern tree house, with an interesting design, but with a resistant, durable and safe structure, you can certainly get a design that will suit your taste and requirements. But the quality and weight of the materials should not be neglected.

tree house tree house plan

Of course, you may build a tree house nearby trees and without a direct attachment to trees. This option is much safer, versatile and sustainable, while it represents a simple alternative made with a set of wooden stilts and a plywood–framed box. Because it will not be affected by the wind and the movement of branches, this kind of tree house is much safer than a tree – tied option. But it is also practical and it can certainly become the favorite playground of your children.
For this kind of tree house you need standard-sized beams, sheets and boards, concrete footings and some steel anchors to add stability, solidity and simplicity as well. Basic carpentry skills are also required, capabilities that will make you become the hero of your children.

tree house for childrentree house plan for children

Once when the framework is made, you have to carefully elevate it. Keeping one of the walls made of plexiglass will allow the natural light to come in, while you will also be able to watch your children playing inside their tree house. The chic and modern appearance of this house will certainly draw the attention of your neighbors and they will want to have one in their yard, as well.
This tree house is weatherproof and even you can spend some quality time in there with your children. The rain will not stop them from playing and you will benefit of enough light to read a book in the company of your children. Nothing stops you from putting inside the tree house some chairs, a little table and boxes with toys. Furthermore, if the structure is strong and resistant, you can arrange some kind of bedding where your children will be able to spend some summer nights.
In case if there are more trees around the tree house, it will seem like a house in a forest and your children will grow in harmony with nature. Plant various types of trees and flowers and this house will represent your perfect leisure space.
Be creative, engage your children in the process of building the tree house and you may even use their ideas to make a magical tree house! They will be glad to feel useful and the final results will amaze you all!


Build your children a tree house and become the best parent in the world!

As a child, I have always been attracted by tree climbing and tree houses. Although my father did not build a tree house for me, I have always wanted to have one to play in with my friends, a secret place to hide in and a magical land where I can play with my toys.

tree housetree-house-design

Building a tree house by yourself is not such an easy task and there are numerous factors that you should consider, especially if you want it to be a safe playground for your children. Choosing the right tree, lightweight materials, the best access method and the favorite design may be a little challenging for you, especially if you have young children and you put safety first.

But the first and most significant step is certainly selecting the location. Involve your children in this process and let them feel like it is their own tree house. Construct as much as possible on the ground and do not forget that the tree will keep growing. Avoid restricting its growth and make use of large bolts for attachments to the trunk.

tree house plan tree-house-design

A long lasting, safe and economical structure has a floor that is capable to take the whole weight of the tree house. The floor has to be flat and solid as well. Refrain from fixing parts of the roof or even walls of the house to branches, because they move with the wind and this may damage the entire construction. The walls should be rigid and resistant, able to support the weight of the roof.

By using cables and metal brackets will allow the flexibility necessary to the structure and try to build the parts separately and only after join them together (the floor, walls, supports and roof). Do not forget to always ask your children’s help, even if they are too young. They will feel that they are a part of the building process and this will keep them busy and enthusiastic as well.

When building the frame, use regular timber from a building supplier. A good looking, yet strong floor may be obtained by using maple or oak, while the walls may be made of exterior plywood or boards. The rain will certainly not penetrate the walls, because boards are typically overlapped. If you want to add a natural look that will also allow air to ventilate the entire tree house, use woven branches. Panels of cedar or even of other straight grained wood are the most popular choices.

When making the roof, use a base layer of plywood that will increase the rigidity of the roof, but also use roofing materials such as roofing felt or shingles. Once the tree house is ready, you can bring inside a bed, table and some chairs, but you can also use some source of light to allow your children play when it is darker outside.

Your children will love to play inside their tree house even when it will be a gloomy whether outside. Bring them their favorite toys and you will certainly become the best parent in the world!


Tree house plans with a swing-set

Build a tree house with a swing-set and slide for your children

Building a tree house is not just the dream of a child, but it may also be a wish come true for an adult as well. Having various designs, shapes and sizes, tree houses are built accordingly to our taste and desires and they certainly represent the perfect playground for our children during summer holidays.

tree house plans tree house almost finished p4 p3 p2 p1 tree house plans 2If you consider building yourself a tree house with a slide and swing-set for your children, this is one of the safest and easiest plans you could opt for. Besides than being a secure tree house, suitable for younger children, it will also provide them the opportunity to have fun using the slide and the swing-set. Furthermore, their friends may come to visit them and you will not have to worry that they will get bored together or that older children will come to disturb them.

In order to build this tree house, you should keep in mind the particularities of the tree where you want to build the house. The lumber should be suitable for exterior use and the deck frame has to be perfectly fixed. Do not overlook the fact that the tree will keep growing, so let some extra space for when it will increase its size.
Make use of props, clamps and ropes to support the boundary joists before digging the holes for foundation and carefully put concrete in these holes to ensure the safety and resistance of the tree house. The intermediate joists have to be placed and fixed so the deck boards will not have to extend more than 16” at any direction.
Use off-cuts of wood to block around the branches and provide this way proper support to deck boards. Deck boards should be placed starting nearby branches and you should cut any excess. When attaching the slide bear in mind the safety of your children and be careful that there will not remain unsecured space from where they may fall on the ground.

If your children are older, you can purchase a ladder to provide them access to the tree house. But you can also build yourself some stairs, as shown in the plan. The stairs should be also secured in ground with concrete to avoid any unwanted accidents.

The swing-set is another source of fun and amusement for your kids, but is has to be safe as well. After constructing the A-frame for the swing-set, make sure it is well-established and fixed in the ground using concrete again. Depending on how solid it is, you can also swing and watch your children playing in the tree house.
Besides than installing some chairs and bringing your children’s favorite toys inside the tree house, you can also build a road around the tree brunches for your son’s cars or even a tiny house for the dolls of your daughter.
Use your imagination when building the tree house for your children and they will certainly be amazed by your ideas!


Treehouse in Balaton

This treehouse has been built near lake Balaton from Hungary. Thanks to the huge property size, the owners, a German-Hungarian originating from Munich, been able to position this beautiful treehouse in a natural state environment, so they must feel great so close to the nature.
Truth is , tree they’ve used to build the treehouse was already their favourite climbing tree for all family members (I’m talking about they young members of course:) ) Baumraum company picked from their tree house plans one that’s like a two levels tower structure, made of larch.
At the first level there’a terrace with a beautiful view. From this terrace you can access the two rooms located at the second floor.
From the windows you can admire orchards bushes and of course Lake Balaton.
The bridge that’s been built is perfect form children adventurous enough or old enough to climb up to the top.