Build the favorite playground of your children – Tips for building a tree house

Because building a tree house is just like any other project, it certainly requires thorough planning even before starting the actual construction. Numerous features should be taken into consideration, from the size and health of tree to the weight it has to support and even the weather conditions in your area.

You have to make sure that the materials used for the tree house are of the highest quality. Choose wood without jagged edges or knots to save some precious time. Require some help from your neighbors or even professionals, because it will be much easier for you to build the tree house. Ask your children to offer you their support, give them small tasks to make them feel useful and let them feel like they are significant part of the project.

tree house plan 1tree house plan 2

Hang a bucket or a crate with a rope to haul the supplies and tools up in the tree. This way you will ease your work and save some time, as well. Select cordless tools because you will be able to saw, drill and drive screws without having any cords to hinder your work.

Have in mind the safety of your children and remember they are more active than the adults. The structure of the tree house has to be very solid, so use pillars or even two trees to provide proper support. You should first make the frame, which has to be attached to the trees and then make the floor.

If the weather allows you, you may leave the tree house without a roof. But if you want the structure to be protected against rain and snow, you should cover the house with shingles or whatever else you may want. Use waterproof treatments for wood and ensure that the tree house will last longer. But do not overload the tree and use only lightweight materials!

tree house

You can add one or more windows to the tree house and you can surround the house by railings to increase the safety of your children. Whether you choose to enter the house through a trap door or a normal door, and regardless of what kind of staircase or ladder you place nearby the tree house, take into consideration the age, abilities and hobbies of your children. You can also opt for a knotted rope to provide them access to the tree house. This will certainly increase their taste for adventures.

The entire idea of building a tree house is to create a safe, enchanting and fun playground, therefore make from this process a game and playtime! Use the hobbies of your children when designing the house, consider their creativity and let them arrange the tree house accordingly to their desires!

By incorporating some of their ideas will help them have a sense of ownership, while seeing their things inside the tree house will make them even happier! Bring some chairs, toys and blankets inside the tree house and be certain that this will be their favorite playground for the years to come!