Make a cool tree house suspended from cables

If you want your tree house to have a perfect design that will meet the expectations of your children, you can customize it accordingly to your ideas, but you also have to consult some specialists to make sure it has a solid structure that will last for years. Don’t you want your children grow up in such a tree house? Encourage your children to help you building the tree house, because they will certainly develop their imagination and creativity, becoming independent while they will bond their relationship with you.

tree house

Building a tree house is not just their dream come true, but you can also use it as a leisure place. Especially if your children allow you to use it, it will be your perfect hide-out, the shelter where you can play together in the rainy days and even the space where you can spend some summer nights, as a safer alternative to a sleepover in a tent.
This type of tree house has 2 spiral staircases, 21 windows, a drawbridge and a woodstove. It has been constructed 21 feet off the ground and it does not have fasteners in the trunk of the tree. Having 300 square feet, this tree house is large enough for you and your children as well. You can bring in here some chars and a desk, but you can also put some beds, your children’s toys and any other items you may find necessary for a gloomy day or for the summer nights that you will certainly spend in this amazing fort.

tree house plan 1tree house plan 2

Because it does not have any metal fasteners in the tree trunk, this tree house is suspended from cables and it does not cause any damage to the tree. A steel collar has been suspended from cables that went through a fork of two branches in the tree. The timber frame has been bolted to this steel collar, then supported against the trunk with upside-down wedges. This method ensures the security and strength of the tree house, representing one of the safest and simples solutions to make the structure of a tree house.
The frame has the form of a hexagon and the platform of the tree house is a web of timbers all placed together using tenon joinery and mortise. The spiral staircase which connects the two floors is made of a peeled pine tree and the stairs are milled with a chainsaw. Just like the tree house, the stairs are not constructed with metal fasteners.

tree house plan 3

Building this tree house is not quite easy and you may need some professional support to construct it properly. Although it may take a while until it will be done, the results will certainly be satisfactory. Your children will feel blessed to have such parents and all of you will be joyful for having this tree house.
Add some light source, design and arrange the tree house accordingly to your taste and you will be the proud owner of a cool tree house that will definitely enchant your children!