Build the perfect fortress above the ground

Personalized tree houses represent perfect play structures for your children right in your yard. Because they play a significant role in anyone’s childhood, tree houses are classic play structures that should not be missing from any yard.
Building a tree house for your children could be creative, funny and educative, especially if you involve them in the process of building. Besides than adding an extra space to your property, you will also offer to your children an amazing place to play in. Having such a great playground in your backyard, your children will develop their sense of freedom and creativity while you will be able to monitor them carefully as well.

tree house plan

Despite the fact that you and your children will probably be caught up in the thrill of planning and designing the tree house, you should not forget the most crucial part of constructing the tree house: selecting the right tree. The tree has to be picked due to numerous factors, including its health, strength, age, solidity and size.
The best types of trees for constructing a tree house are beech, oak, maple, hemlock and fir. Because sycamore and elm are quite susceptible to disease, these types of trees should be avoided. Take into consideration that the tree will have to hold a significant weight, so it should be hearty and solid.

tree house for children

This tree house is constructed 3 feet above the ground, it is attached to main frame with galvanized hangers and the pillars are fixed in ground with concrete to ensure the solidity of the house and the safety of your children.
Make sure that once the tree is picked and the plan is done, you have all the materials and tools necessary for building the tree house. You may ask the help of some relatives, neighbors or even some professional craftsmen, but you should also engage your children when building the house. This way you will succeed to construct a safe and secure tree house that will last for years, the perfect place where your children will grow up beautifully.
You should first make the support for the frame, which should be then secured and fixed to the tree. Then build the floor and walls. You may let the house without a roof, but it will be susceptible to damage. Built a weatherproof roof to allow your children play in the house even on showery weather and protect this way the things inside the tree house.

tree house plan

Feel free to bring some games, toys, chairs and even beds so your children will not get bored inside their tree house. Even more, they can take a nap or even study in their amazing tree house. Depending on their aspirations and your imagination, you can build them a castle, fortress or even a mansion above the ground!
Regardless of what kind of tree house you are building, always think safety when designing. It will sure be exciting and fun for your children to have their dreams come true!