Construct an A-frame tree house in your backyard

Numerous producers, builders and home owners are today inspired by their love of nature. Since many people choose to live in tree houses, why would you not listen to your children’s requests and build them a tree house?
Having a fort in a tree right in your backyard, your children will grow up surrounded by nature. They will develop their personality and grow healthy while they will also enhance their sense of freedom. But a tree house will offer you the advantage of having a playground in your yard, where you can carefully monitor your children and you will no longer have to take your children to a park. Spending a lovely, warm night with your children in a tree house, rather than in a tent will be much more fun than camping in a noisy area, with numerous other kids.

tree house plan 1

An A-frame tree house uses a tree trunk and two posts as support. But it can also be constructed with four posts for supports and without any tree. So if you do not have a proper tree in your yard, this is not a reason to reject the idea of building a tree fort for your children.
You should first clear the area from any rocks and brush then measure carefully the locations where the posts will be placed in the ground. Construct the frame and arrange it over the posts. Always bear in mind the safety of your children, so be certain that everything is leveled, well-established and carefully fastened.

tree house plan 2

You can use soil or even concrete to fix the supports in the ground and to ensure the stability and durability of the tree house. Remember that the tree house has to support up to a few hundred pounds, so the entire structure has to be solid, steady and firmly fixed.
The floor joists can be covered with exterior plywood, while the front deck can be made of deck boards. The roof panels are also made of exterior plywood and you can use weather proof materials and shingles to ensure that the rain or snow will not cause any damage to the tree house.

tree house plan 3

Choose the method of access considering the age and personality of your children. You can build a staircase or a ladder, but you can also opt for a climbing rope, especially if your children are more adventurous and big enough to use it safely.
You can put inside their tree house anything they would like, but all the items should be as lightweight as possible. Because it represents an amazing alternative to their addicting video games, tablets or consoles, do not bring any of these inside their tree house.
Even you can play with your children inside their tree house. Let your children help you when building their tree house and they will certainly appreciate it! Bring some chairs, a light source and some of their favorite toys and the fun, recreation and entertainment are guaranteed for all of you.