Use your creativity when building a tree house

The ideal tree house should be a balance between fun and safety. Because any child would like to have one, a tree house represents the best playground for them, a fortress to hide in and one of the safest alternatives to tents.

tree house planIf you have decided to build a tree house for your children, you already know that you will be the parents of the year. But if you consider the opinions and ideas of your children and you engage them in the process of building the tree house, you will strengthen even more the relation with them and you can be sure that they will always remember of these moments.

A tree house has to be safe, solid, enchanting and enjoyable. The favorite toys of your children should be placed in there, but you can also bring some chairs, a table, one or more beds and a light source as well. Bear in mind your children’s hobbies and try as much as possible to put into reality their desires! If you have daughters, bring their dolls inside the tree house and make a tiny house for them, too. But if you have sons, build some roads and routes for their cars.

You can use your creativity and combine it with the brilliant ideas of your children. But a tree house could be much more than a playground. It can also be a place to study or a place for all of you, to spend some precious moments together.

tree houseThis particular tree house is attached to a solid tree trunk, which is strong enough to support the entire structure of it. The materials used should be efficient, sustainable and lightweight and the entire structure of the tree house should not restrict the growth of the tree.

Because this tree house is not based entirely on one tree trunk, due to the fact it has pillars as support, it has a strong and safe structure. But some regular checks should be performed once in a while to ensure the safety of your children.

The actual construction begins only after having a solid plan and acquiring all the materials necessary for the tree house. The next step is building the support for the bottom of the frame. Always do measurements twice, because it has to be flawless. The floor has to hold at least a few hundred pounds, so make sure it is solid enough. Once the floor is set, the walls should be built, arranged into place and secured to the framework and floor.

tree house plan 3After that, build the roof. You should make it waterproof, because your children may want to play inside their tree house even on rainy days. Whether you build a stairway or a ladder, consider the age of your children, their safety and your budget as well.

The possibilities are endless. You can add more windows or make one of the walls of plexiglass. Build some bird nests nearby the tree house and you will certainly keep your children away from video games!