Make an amazing tree house for your adventurous children

Did your neighbors construct a tree house in their yard? Or are you attracted by the idea of building a tree house for your children? In case if tree houses are one of your dreams, you can certainly build one which will be accordingly to your imagination, but which will also become the favorite place of your children as well.

Building tree houses is an increasingly popular trend because it does not require too much efforts or money. They represent a safe place for your children, where they will also develop their taste for adventure. Being above the world, even if your children will be only a few meters above the ground, it will give them an amazing sense of independence and freedom.

tree house

If you want your tree house to have a safe and solid structure that will not be affected by wind or the movement of branches, you can build this kind of tree house. The best thing about it is that you can build it anywhere you would like. Even more, it does not require harming any tree. So in case that you do not have suitable trees in your yard or you just have in mind the tree health, this tree house with no attachments to trees is the ideal option.

The structure of this tree house is versatile and very stable, having a triangular framework as a support. Involve your children in the process of building it, because they will be thrilled for being a part of this project. You can take into account their opinion and ideas, they are more imaginative and the house will be tailored to their request.

tree house plan 1tree house plan
tree house plan 2

The footprint of this tree house is stable and large, preventing racking. Use two carriage bolts with predrilled holes to make the front assembly. As you build, constantly check if the assembly remains square. Prevent any barked shins or scrapes by rounding off the pointy or sharp ends. After cutting off the bolt ends, you may file them smooth and chamfer them and you can use foam pipe wrap or camping pads to avoid any bruises and bumps. The safety of your children is your number one priority.

tree house plan 3

Ask some neighbors or relatives to help you assembly up the frame, to arrange it at the correct height above the ground and to level it as well. Maybe you will have to trim or dig into the ground some legs, depending on the surface of the ground and if it has any irregularities. You have some heavy pieces propped up with several temporary braces, so work cautiously when fixing the structure and frame.

Always do double checks when measuring, because you want it to be perfectly stable and level. Consider adding a door and some windows to the tree house, to allow air circulation. Bring inside the favorite toys of your children, put some chairs and add some source of light to let them play inside their tree house even when it will be darker outside.

Carefully build the tree house, make a perfect plan before getting to work and make sure you have all the necessary equipment and materials. Fascinate your children with this tree house and have fun building it!