Tree house plans with a swing-set

Build a tree house with a swing-set and slide for your children

Building a tree house is not just the dream of a child, but it may also be a wish come true for an adult as well. Having various designs, shapes and sizes, tree houses are built accordingly to our taste and desires and they certainly represent the perfect playground for our children during summer holidays.

tree house plans tree house almost finished p4 p3 p2 p1 tree house plans 2If you consider building yourself a tree house with a slide and swing-set for your children, this is one of the safest and easiest plans you could opt for. Besides than being a secure tree house, suitable for younger children, it will also provide them the opportunity to have fun using the slide and the swing-set. Furthermore, their friends may come to visit them and you will not have to worry that they will get bored together or that older children will come to disturb them.

In order to build this tree house, you should keep in mind the particularities of the tree where you want to build the house. The lumber should be suitable for exterior use and the deck frame has to be perfectly fixed. Do not overlook the fact that the tree will keep growing, so let some extra space for when it will increase its size.
Make use of props, clamps and ropes to support the boundary joists before digging the holes for foundation and carefully put concrete in these holes to ensure the safety and resistance of the tree house. The intermediate joists have to be placed and fixed so the deck boards will not have to extend more than 16” at any direction.
Use off-cuts of wood to block around the branches and provide this way proper support to deck boards. Deck boards should be placed starting nearby branches and you should cut any excess. When attaching the slide bear in mind the safety of your children and be careful that there will not remain unsecured space from where they may fall on the ground.

If your children are older, you can purchase a ladder to provide them access to the tree house. But you can also build yourself some stairs, as shown in the plan. The stairs should be also secured in ground with concrete to avoid any unwanted accidents.

The swing-set is another source of fun and amusement for your kids, but is has to be safe as well. After constructing the A-frame for the swing-set, make sure it is well-established and fixed in the ground using concrete again. Depending on how solid it is, you can also swing and watch your children playing in the tree house.
Besides than installing some chairs and bringing your children’s favorite toys inside the tree house, you can also build a road around the tree brunches for your son’s cars or even a tiny house for the dolls of your daughter.
Use your imagination when building the tree house for your children and they will certainly be amazed by your ideas!