Treehouse in Balaton

This treehouse has been built near lake Balaton from Hungary. Thanks to the huge property size, the owners, a German-Hungarian originating from Munich, been able to position this beautiful treehouse in a natural state environment, so they must feel great so close to the nature.
Truth is , tree they’ve used to build the treehouse was already their favourite climbing tree for all family members (I’m talking about they young members of course:) ) Baumraum company picked from their tree house plans one that’s like a two levels tower structure, made of larch.
At the first level there’a terrace with a beautiful view. From this terrace you can access the two rooms located at the second floor.
From the windows you can admire orchards bushes and of course Lake Balaton.
The bridge that’s been built is perfect form children adventurous enough or old enough to climb up to the top.